What is this magical place?
I’m glad you asked! Rest and Be Thankful is my home bar and drinks lab. It gives me somewhere to play around with new drink ideas, sharpen up competition recipes, and have some fun with friends. I might mess around with some cooking every now and then too, though the focus is definitely on cocktails.

Who are you?
The name’s Henry (or Hank if you’d prefer) Boyd. I’m a (former) Bar Manager/Bartender who loves all things cocktails and spirits.

Do you have mocktails or non-alcoholic options?
Usually yes! Just check with me, worst case I’ll pick up something for you. I’m always trying to work out interesting mocktail recipes too so I’m happy to make you something.

How do I find the bar?
Sorry, invite only! I only have so much room and so much liquor to go around.

Can I bring my friends/SO/dog?
Dogs will always be welcome as long as they don’t make a mess. The same goes for everyone else, just check with me first so I can make sure there’s enough space. Thanks!

Should I bring anything?
You don’t have to bring anything besides yourself and some good conversation. That being said you are more than welcome to bring any food/drinks/etc.

Can I chip in at all?
Donations or bottles for the bar are always welcome, especially since everything comes out of my own pocket. More importantly I just ask that you keep an eye out for any excellent/unique spirits you might find in your travels. I’m always looking for new or weird things to add to the bar, so just shoot me a message and if I can swing it I’ll happily pay for the bottle.

How can I get in touch/see some more?
In Search of Spirits is a website about my journey through the world of cocktails, distilling, and travel. Or if you’re looking to really go down the rabbit hole check out The Weighty Tome, a more education-focused resource for distilling and spirits.

You can also reach me here: henry [at] restandbethankful dot com